Our History

In 1993 by the initiative of professionals in air treating, Frigo BEAIR Technology sh.p.k. was created, an Italo-Albanian company which quickly got well known in Albania and then eventually spread its influence in Kosovo and Macedonia.

The adaptation of the new ideas, advanced technologies and optimal material choice made this company turn competitive in the market and become a leader in the mechanic equipments field.

Frigo Beair Technology is now the ideal partner that assists and helps its clients to transform their project-ideas, operations, in productive reality at a high technology and competitive workflow.

Beair technology was the first innovatory company in Albania able to successfully accomplish the automatic fire-estinguishing systems, starting to fulfill this achievement firstly at Sheraton Hotel in Tirana,Albania.

Having as a purpose to offer the most contemporary and resultative equipments towards the project-ideas of its customers, Frigo Beair Technology together with its supporters from foreign companies that are nowadays affirmed in the International market, are able to efficiently offer solutions on time and type as;“to own the keys immediately” and technical admonition for the fulfilling of:

Air-Conditioning Equipments

Manual and Automatic Fire-Estinguishing Equipments

Hydrosanitary Equipments

Industrial Equipments for Chilling

Realisation of Supermarkets, Industrial Platforms and Spreading Centres

Refrigerator Rooms


Frigo Beair Technology has it own philosophy, customer oriented by containing a balance between the ralationship of demand, high qualityt and price.

An advantage of Frigo BEAIR Technologjy company is its technical support after project execution.

Even in other fields of air treatment or refrigeration Frigo Beair Technology is innovative in using technologies which help supervision and technical control of impiants through distance, responding this way faster to possible defects trying to maintain zero obsticals during operations.

Our administration and staff is professional, open to innovation, chosen as specialists in their work fields and always updated and infomed on new events in innovative technologies.

Frigo Beair Technology in impiants realization, air treating and refrigeration performs at European Normative Community parameters.

Choosing Frigo Beair Technology means deciding on a safe investment with a life-long high quality and durability.

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