An optimal installation at minimal cost

Through our support services, a well-maintained installation achieves:

Creating the perfect indoor climate goes beyond purchasing and installing a product. It's also about achieving year-round comfort, energy efficiency, reliability and control. At Daikin, we offer a selection of support and maintenance services to ensure your system achieves optimal performance throughout its lifetime.



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Prototyping & manufacturing


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What we offer

Operation, maintenance and repairs

we understand the you are not looking for a supplier, but a partner. That's why we make it our mission to accompany you throughout the design, set up and maintenance of your installation to deliver a product that meets all your climate needs. Together with our Service Partners, we offer a range of service plans to oversee, manage and monitor your installation.

Upgrades and optimisations

To enhance the performance and extend the lifetime of your system, we have developed a variety of upgrades

Commissioning service

From the start up and testing to the final fine-tuning, our Daikin Service representatives are there to offer support for every step of the installation process. Our effective and efficient practices help all installers ensure a Daikin installation continues to run at peak performance.


Frigobeair project support and helpdesk

Whether it's selecting the right solution for your application or integrating our HVAC-R systems into your building management system, our experienced specialists and engineers are ready to assist you.

Frigobeair warranty policy

We offer a range of standard warranties covering our air conditioning, applied, refrigeration and heating equipment. Designed to meet your installation needs, we offer different standard warranty terms if you are a member of one of our partner programmes.

Parts and consumables

All the components that make up a Daikin solution are high quality. This means that if a component is replaced by a Daikin installer, you can rest assured that your installation will maintain its peak efficiency and performance.