Greetings! In order to make it easier to you, our clients and customers, we provide 24 hours out of 7 days support for technical issues and information requirement via phone or email. Our showroom front desk is opened from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 a.m to 20:00 p.m and you have the possibility to require every information in understanding how your unit works to general daily upkeep and care.

This official site of Frigo Beair Technology provides a chat which responds to most frequently asked questions. If you have very specific requirements on your demanded product our front desk engineer will appoint a meeting at our showroom. We provide support architects and consultants to make it easier, effective and less time costing to you the choice of your dream home comfort.

The strengths of our company are that we provide to you new brands with high efficiency and less energy consumption, secured products at a brand new design, highest quality at the highest comfort and security, and most importantly with a smart control accessibility.


Contact Support:
+355 69 20 80 372